AboutHi! I’m Julian and I created this blog to post some of the Italian recipes I’ve been adapting ever since I became vegan. As an Italian with a ridiculous passion for food, becoming vegan seemed to mean that I would have to give up some of my favorite meals. Luckily, all it took was a bit of looking around on the internet to figure out that with a little creativity it’s pretty easy to recreate the tastes of all my favorite foods.

There are already some incredible vegan recipe blogs out there – Mouthwatering Vegan and Maple Spice are two of my favorites, you should check them out – but while I’ve loved the majority of what I’ve seen and tried, their Italian substitutes aren’t quite enough. It’s just the small things that are missing; they’ll have some excellent ideas, but the essence of the food itself has been changed – and lost a bit of the magic.

When I made this blog (back in 2012) I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever even use it (as it turns out, thousands of people every month do); in fact, I made it mostly to keep track of things I made. I tend to experiment a lot in the kitchen, which, besides from creating an irritating mess for my housemates, means that a lot of the things I eat are difficult to make again – simply because I forgot exactly what I even did to make them! By forcing myself to take pictures and write down the recipe of things I’ve just cooked, I can make sure that doesn’t happen. Anyway, that said I hope you enjoy taking a look around, and that, perhaps, some of these foods inspire you to create your own. Being vegan is actually a lot more simple than it seems, especially if you enjoy cooking for yourself. And it’s great to be able to eat the best food in the world (because let’s face it, Italian food is the best in the world) without harming anything in the process. If you’re interested in my personal philosophy regarding veganism/vegeterianism, here are a few essays I wrote.

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