Would you like to publish some of your own recipes on my blog? Between work and university I can’t seem to post regularly enough, so I’ve decided to open this site and make it into more of a community blog for Italian and vegans. All you have to do to become a contributor is send an email to with either your WordPress username or the email you use for your WordPress account and in two days at the latest you should be accepted. After that you can can get posting! Try to keep everything in the same format as I do, and a picture is absolutely essential, but I’ll have to review it anyway before posting so I can make some last minute editing changes to make sure it’s in the right format. As long as it’s Italian food, and as long as it’s vegan, however, I’ll always publish everything I get sent. Oh and of course you can feel free to add as many links (well, within a reasonable limit) as you like to your other blogs, websites, or even just vegan activism pages. I’m really excited about seeing what other Italian and vegan cooks out there have to offer!

Italian and vegan2