Fried Fruit

Deep Fried FruitSo I was looking at my deep frier the other day and wondering what else I could make besides chips and all of a sudden had the idea for these. They’re actually really easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. Although the strawberries look much more impressive, I actually think the bananas taste way better and if you’re just making these for yourself I might recommend just doing the bananas, although it might also be fun to experiment with different fruit.


  • 2 cups of self raising flower
  • rice milk
  • egg substitute equivalent of 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of fine light brown sugar
  • 3 litres of sunflower oil
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • any other fruit you want to try
  • vegan vanilla ice cream
  • 1 bar of chocolate
  • 2 tbsp margarine

Preparation (20 minutes)

In a large bowl, mix together the self raising flower and the sugar. Next add the egg substitute and 1/2 cup of rice milk. Mix together in the middle of the bowl while slowly adding to the mix from the sides. When it starts getting too thick, add some more rice milk. Keep mixing and slowly adding rice milk until the mixture is liquid but quite thick. In a deep frier or large pan, heat up the sunflower oil. When it’s hot, turn down the heat slightly so it doesn’t get hotter but doesn’t lose too much heat. Dip the fruit into the batter and put in the frier/pan. Leave for about 7 minutes, flipping halfway through. In the meantime, put the bar of chocolate in a saucepan with the margarine on medium low heat and stir until it’s completely melted. When the fruit is done, put it on a plate on top of a few sheets of paper towels and leave for a few minutes. Put some ice cream in a bowl, add the fruit, and cover with some chocolate sauce. Enjoy it right away!